Automotive Locksmith services

Locksmith Fort Hunt, we offer an array of automotive Locksmith services. In fact, we work with most models and makes, including Japanese, European and Australian makes. This includes both the earlier and the new generation models. Our expert technicians can help you with any vehicle type ranging from a van, car, truck, caravan, motorcycle to a bus.

Locked Out?

We will help you. We have professional tools and our certified, experienced expert knowledge help you to get back to your vehicle without any damage. We are sure to see you in your vehicle, whether the keys of your car are in the boot or in the ignition.

Lost your keys, need re-keying?

We can re-key the locks and offer new keys or replace the worn or damaged locks.

Facing trouble with electronic (transponder) keys?

Our experts are good at dealing with anti-theft immobilization systems. We are fully equipped. We only require the make, model, year and name of the vehicle. Our technicians use handheld computer to program, duplicate or read key in our workshop or are efficient enough to clone the current key by imitating the transponder code.

We are sure to save you from buying a new lock. We are equipped with specialized tools and equipments and are experienced to handle old and new locks.